Are you trying to find a career where you can potentially make a lot of money? Read on if you want to find out more.

Money does not buy happiness, as the saying goes. However, it can definitely make some of life’s problems easier to cope with. Therefore, why not find a career that blends a great salary with your interests?Why do certain careers pay considerably more than others? The amount of time that a person has spent learning and honing marketable skills is an important factor. The amount of supply versus demand for a position, as well as the amount of stress and responsibility the job involves are two more factors that often come into play.Read further to learn about careers that pay $50 per hour.

1. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Mean Annual Wage: $132,570*
Mean Hourly Salary: $63.74*

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If you work on your computer often and you are interested in technology, this career might be the one for you. A computer and information systems manager directs, coordinates and plans activities for a company that are specifically related to computers, according to the United States Department of Labor. The job also involves the implementation of various computer systems to help the business reach their goals regarding information technology.

How to Prepare: If this sounds like your dream job, the Department of Labor states that a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science is required. You will also need related work experience.

Why It Might Pay: People in this profession generally have excellent people skills and technical knowledge. This combination is valuable to companies, so their pay is high. These people manage employees who perform at a high level, while also being able to relate to them. While retaining the talent pool, they ensure these employees work well together.

2. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Mean Annual Wage: $112,040*
Mean Hourly Salary: $53.87*

People who are both detail-oriented and analytical may find a compensation and benefits manager to be a solid career choice.

According to the Department of Labor, people in this profession are responsible for the planning, coordinating and directing of benefits and pay for businesses. This includes retirement plans, health insurance and pay structures.

How to Prepare: The Department of Labor states that a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. Degrees in finance, business administration, business management or some other related field would also be acceptable. This is because not every university offers a major in human resources.

Why It Might Pay: These people are paid for their confidentiality and professionalism. Their analytical and detail-oriented skillset is also an important factor in what they are paid.

3. Computer Hardware Engineer

Mean Annual Wage: $106,930*
Mean Hourly Salary: $51.41*

Computer hardware engineer would be a good career choice for people who like to find out what makes things work.

According to the Department of labor, people in this profession implement and design routers, networks, memory devices and processors.

How to Prepare: The Department of Labor says that a bachelor’s degree from a computer engineering program that is accredited will be necessary for entry into this field. Other acceptable degrees include electrical engineering or computer science.

Why It Might Pay: Positions involving computers usually pay well because there is a lot of demand for people with these skills.

4. Systems Software Developer

Mean Annual Wage: $104,480*
Mean Hourly Salary: $50.23*

People who have an analytical and creative side can thrive in the software development field.

The Department of Labor indicates that systems software developers test and design the operating software used by the communications, military and medical industries, among others.

How to Prepare: According to the Department of Labor, a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science or another related field will be required.

Why It Might Pay: Many aspects of modern life depend on software. This has created a high demand for software developers.

The use of software in many products, the boom in e-commerce and the popularity of mobile devices are all key factors causing software developers to be in high demand. This has caused salaries in this job to increase.

5. Financial Manager

Mean Annual Wage: $126,660*
Mean Hourly Salary: $60.89*

If you are reading this article, you are most likely interested in money. People who are also interested in managing other people’s money should think about working as a financial manager.

The financial stability of a company is the responsibility of the financial manager. The Department of Labor says that determining a company’s financial goals, the creation of financial reports, investment option recommendations and management are some of the daily tasks of a financial manager.

How to Prepare: The Department of Labor says a person will first need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, finance or accounting. It is also necessary to work in another financial or business job for a minimum of five years.

Why It Might Pay: The ability to handle high levels of stress and a great attention to detail are skills this job requires. Many people in this profession have an MBA, so they are compensated for this additional education.

Companies are now looking for financial managers who have obtained a master’s degree in a field such as finance, economics or business administration, according to the Department of Labor.

* The salaries in this article have been provided by the United States Department of Labor Occupational Employment and Wages data from May 2013.