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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Salary

The field of IT is growing, and in a very positive manner. Currently, Cisco is offering dozens of certification courses that allow IT professionals to become experts in certain areas of IT. One exceedingly popular option is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE. This type of specialization allows you to enhance your IT experience, annual salary, and job prospects. To gain a better perspective of just how beneficial this certification is, below is a job description, the national average salary, which companies employ CCIE graduates, and which location is best for graduates.

Job Description

According to CISCO, a Certified Internetwork Expert’s job is to recognize knowledge and experience in the infrastructure of the network. This certification is at expert-level, so those that become certified should be able to perform expert and intermediate tasks. The position requires a very specific set of skills that enable you to perform a set of tasks. These tasks include coordinating the network and infrastructure of a company, working around various facilities, having knowledge in all types of fibre optics, connectorization, telecommunication grounding, and using different kinds of networks to attain the desired effect.

The most common types of jobs that this certification enables you to do are Cisco Network Engineer, Network Consultant, PS Delivery Engineer, Network Security Specialist, IT security Specialist, Network Services Engineer, and much more. Keep in mind though that you will need other IT experience and certifications apart from the CCIE certification. The CCIE certification is just one of the sufficient conditions to attaining these jobs.

National Average

As with every professional certification and education that you undertake, it is important to know how the certification and education will help you salary wise. When it comes to the CCIE certification, the national average salary seems to be very promising. According to CareerBuilder, those that attain the CCIE certification can expect to earn around the national average salary, which is $120,477 per year. With such a salary, you are able to choose dozens of great locations to live and you also have the option of choosing from dozens of promising companies that can help you enhance your IT experience and professional career.


Those that gain the CCIE certification can expect to work in a number of diverse companies. According to Indeed, a jobs website, CCIE certified professionals can find work in many high tech companies such as IBM, SNI Technology, Shore Tel, Netech, Sotera Defense Solutions, Lighwve Partners, Nova Corporation, and Federated IT. In addition to high tech companies, CCIE certified professionals also find jobs at non-high tech companies like medical practices that need their certification solutions.


Finally, there is the issue of which location is best to use your certification. According to IP-Expert, a high-tech company, the areas that most require CCIE professionals are New York, New Jersey,

Washington DC, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Tampa, Chicago, and Boston. The states with the stop salaries in these lists include New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. However, the average salary among all of these locations is $120,000.

Where to study?


Overall, choosing the best IT career path for you also includes looking at where the demand is and what salary you can expect from your certification. When it comes to the CCIE certification, the career path is extremely promising and in high-demand in many states and the CCIE salary is also very high. Therefore, next time you consider a career path you might want to consider the CCIE Cisco Certification. It is well worth it.

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