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Earnings Potential

Nationwide the salary for appliance technicians is about 20 dollars an hour as a starting salary this varies a bit depending on where you work.

Facts at a Glance

Individuals may choose to go to some form of electronic trade school, or community technical college to get options they need. These would include getting trained on various electronic devices including computers. There are a variety of both online and brick and mortar schools that offer these training programs. There are a number of programs that specialize in training in heating and cooling of appliances, as well as general major appliance repair. They may also offer computer repair training. There is a wide variety of programs that individuals might be interested in.Both computer and appliance repair is needed in an increasingly advanced technological world. Those who have training in these fields, should be employable well into the future, as demands for both of these fields will only increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics those who have formal training in appliance repair including computers will be those who will be much needed in the coming months and years.

Examples and Details of Work

With both computer and appliance repair there are a number of sub specialties within the field that individuals might be interested in. They will allow them to embark on a trade that is in high demand. Generally, these schools will start with some of the basis of electronics and then move into other specializations within the field. Usually these schools are divided into electrical repair specialties such as washers dryers, and other major appliances. In terms of computer training, The basics of computer diagnostics will be explained and repair methods expanded upon.


In the case of those schools that allow students to learn computer repair, you will have the opporunity to earn a certification Some schools that offer specializations in electronics may offer A+ certification.Schools such as a technical institute would allow students to go into the specializations they are interested in. IN a community college format Associates degrees may be earned in the specialties. There are a variety of career avenues, major appliances, appliance sub specialties as mentioned.Some schools will also offer the basics of computer repair and IT work, and may earn AS or BS in Appliance technology.

Doing research on the schools that offer this training is important to do, to get the best training that is needed for tomorrow’s workforce. Simply do the research, and find schools that will best fit you needs for education and also a hands on training approach in the field.

Online and In Campus Programs