Earnings Potential

A degree in english language and culture enables degree recipients to enter professions in various fields, from education to law. Therefore, earnings potentials vary considerably.

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English Language and Culture at a Glance

Many individuals imagine that a degree in language and culture will only enable degree recipients to enter teaching professions. While entering the education field is certainly a good match for those with English degrees, a background in English language and culture encompasses the fine-tuning of one’s writing skills, ability to think creatively, knowledge of various types of literature, and ways of thinking and seeing the world.

Examples/Details of Work

Recipients of English degrees can seek professions in journalism, advertising, law, finance, among other professions.

Obtainable Degrees

Students can receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English. Earning college degrees online is becoming increasingly popular as people want to earn their degrees but just can’t find the spare time to do it. More and more colleges and universities are offering online degrees in language arts programs, like English, to make it more convenient for students to take their classes and earn their degree. By earning English degrees online, students do not necessarily ever have to step foot on a college campus or inside of a classroom.

Online and In Campus Programs