Earnings Potential

The median annual earnings of health services managers was $64,821 annually, according to the information provided by the site payscale.com in 2015. Earnings of medical and health services managers change according to the type of facility and where it is located.
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Health Care Administration Degree at a Glance

Health care administration offers a behind-the-scenes ability to influence patient care without directly practicing medicine. A degree in health care administration must provide management instruction; a master’s degree will incorporate health sciences, public health and administration. A bachelor’s degree in health care administration will enable degree recipients to obtain entry-level positions, but higher degree levels are ideal to obtain a job in high managerial positions.

Examples/Details of Work

Health care administration professionals perform various duties, depending on the environment in which they work. In some environments, administrators can oversee risk management, finance, and personnel and direct nursing. In another type of setting, health care administration professionals are responsible for carrying out decisions of physicians or boards of directors for a facility. This limits their responsibility for decision-making skills, but does not withhold accountability for meeting goals and standards of the facility.

Obtainable Degrees

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate’s degrees are available in health care administration. In order to meet the growing demands of the health care industry, high school level classes are available to provide a background in the healthcare field and provide a basis for career choices that might lead into the health care administration field.

Online and In Campus Programs