Earnings Potential

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual earnings for advertising managers was approximately $115,000 approximately $137,000 for marketing managers in 2014.
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Advertising Facts at a Glance

Advertising agencies are responsible for taking their clients’ products and determining what way would be best to influence consumers into buying that product. In order to meet clients’ requests, copywriters, designers, account managers, market researchers, and marketing strategies must collaborate and work in sync. Advertising careers present a higher stress level environment because it is highly competitive.

Examples/Details of Work

The advertising field includes advertising and promotional staffers, marketing managers, public relations managers, advertising copywriters, and graphic designers.

Obtainable Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees in advertising couple the business side with the creative classes needed to be successful in the industry. The business portion of the degree covers marketing, research, communication and campaign management. The creative side of the degree program cultivates students’ ability to present their concepts to clients both through models and designs. Bachelor’s degrees are sufficient to survive in the market, but in order to become a partner or lead groups of advertising executives, an advanced degree will probably be helpful.

Online and In Campus Programs