Why Study Political Science?

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Political science is the study of governments and leaders throughout history and in the present day. With a degree in political science, you can pursue a career in government, public office, law or public service. Political science degree programs will give you a thorough understanding of the American political system, including its history and development, research skills, strong written and oral communication skills and the understanding of international politics.

Degrees in Political Science

You can receive a political science degree at the certificate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level. Whatever degree you receive, you can be sure that you will receive a well-rounded education and develop skills that are appealing to any employer. Certificate programs in political science are available for working professionals who want to refine their skills and advance in their careers A associate’s degree is available for those who are interested in exploring the field of political science. These courses provide good preparation for an undergraduate program.

A bachelor’s degree curriculum in political science is grounded in arts and humanities and heavily emphasizes research and writing. Core political science courses include world politics, public opinion, statistics and the history of organized government, among others. As well, political science majors are encouraged to take elective courses such as language or economics that could help them in their desired career.

A master’s degree in political science allows the student to gain expertise in a specific aspect of political science. Students may choose to specialize in areas such as public policy, domestic non-profits and policy and administration. A thesis is generally required to earn a master’s degree in political science. Doctorate programs in political science are generally geared towards students who want to pursue a tenured track teaching position at a university. These programs are highly specialized and heavy in research. A dissertation is required to earn a doctorate degree in political science.

Online Degrees in Political Science

Online and distance learning in political science can be the perfect solution for working professionals looking to complete an advanced degree or earn a certificate in a specialized area. Through the utilization of virtual lectures and discussion, as well as supplementary reading, online degrees allow you the freedom to work at your own pace to better balance studying with your career and personal obligations. Institutions such as Troy State, Virginia Tech, Canyon College, American Military University and Regent University offer political science degree programs online.

Online and In Campus Programs