Earnings Potential

The term “project manager” is extremely broad in scope and various types of jobs fall under this umbrella. Depending on one’s rank within their company, the particular industry in which they are employed, and their location, salaries vary considerably. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, general and operations managers can earn approximately $120,000 annually.
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Career Facts at a Glance

Project management has emerged as a career, although it has been practiced in its simplest form for ages. In order to be successful as a project manager, you have to be the “go-to” person in authority. Project management requires a strong interpersonal ability, as managers continuously interact with those who are helping them get a project completed. For instance, in building projects, the manager may need to interact with electricians, plumbers, lumber personnel, roofers and contractors. Project management requires the ability to foster relationships and work well with those who are contributing to the completion of each project. These interpersonal skills are necessary to succeed in this field.

Examples/Details of Work

Project management has several approaches that can be used when actually doing the job. The first of which is the traditional approach. This approach is a five-step model. Step one refers to project initiation, or identifying the project, its goals and timeframes. Step two refers to product planning and design, where the plans are laid out as to how the project will be completed. Step three is the project production and execution stage, which puts into action any plans set in earlier stages. Step four is the project completion stage, at which point the goals and objectives identified in the previous stages should now be met. Stage five is the project monitoring/controlling stage. This process is one of the many approaches to managing others and best embodies what being a manager entails.

Obtainable Degrees

In order to enter project management, one can possess various academic backgrounds including business management, finance, accounting, and liberal arts degrees at bachelor’s or master’s levels.

Online and In Campus Programs