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Are you interested in pursuing a career as a counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist? Whether you’re a high school graduate exploring career options or a working professional wanting to acquire new skills, an online degree in psychology will provide the training you need to meet your goals. Online degrees are offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level by institutions such as Kansas State University, Southern New Hampshire University, Fielding Graduate University and University of Maryland University. These programs use resources such as virtual lectures, discussions and supplemental readings to give you the training you need to be successful.

A bachelor’s curriculum in psychology emphasizes skills like critical thinking, research methods and statistics, ethics and values, and interpersonal skills. You will take courses such as introduction to counseling, cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, research methods and statistics. A bachelor’s degree in psychology gives you a well-rounded education to prepare you for any number of jobs. In advanced degree programs where you earn a master’s degree or doctorate, you can specialize in areas such as forensic psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, music therapy, school counseling or even art therapy. These degrees focus heavily on research, application of learned skills and require the completion of a thesis.

Online degrees make it convenient for you to pursue advanced education without rearranging your life. You can work at your own pace while still fulfilling professional and personal obligations. Keep in mind that many careers in psychology may require additional certification and licensing.

Online and In Campus Programs