Earnings potential

According to payscale.com a Public Health Analyst was earning an average of $60,817 in 2015. Salaries in the sector depend on the type of job or experience.

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Public Health Facts at a glance

Health care is a growing industry, which promotes diversity in background and encourages specialists.

The specialists do not come from just the medical field.

Journalists, teachers, researchers, administrators, environmentalists, demographers, social workers, laboratory scientists, and attorneys have all worked in the health care industry.

Details of Work

Almost everyone who works in public health is required to carry out research. Whether you are a journalist, a teacher or an environmental health care specialist, you will be looking at current and past trends in health and reporting those facts to the general public. In contemporary public health, it is more important to find prevention of diseases rather than cures.

Required Courses for Degree Completion

Because of the diversity of the field, there are many classes one can take in order to gain a degree in public health, among them are nursing, public administration, and sociology.

Specific career opportunities

Jobs in public health include Public health microbiologists, epidemiologists, health care managers, and health care educators.

Online and In Campus Programs