While all children are special and all have needs, there is a specific branch of the education field that is referred to as Special Education. This specialty or focus of education training helps to identify children who have additional needs in the school environment. This is either due to developmental delays of the physical, cognitive or emotional form. Special needs students require teachers with specialization in the area of special education. These students require additional patience and teachers who can set goals for their success and follow development plans accordingly.
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Special education is a branch of the education degree that allows for prospective teachers to gain knowledge about teaching in general while focusing more concentrated hours on the special education feature. This is most helpful because currently some special needs children are in a mainstream environment. What this means is that children who fall under the category of special needs and might require some special education focus in some areas, but can also attend some classes at the standard level with other students in their grade. Therefore it is essential for a special education teacher to be able to govern a mainstream classroom while integrating special needs students, as well as being able to govern a classroom full of special needs students.

Focusing on special education makes prospective teachers extremely marketable. The demand is increasingly strong and, it seems, there are never enough teachers to help with the area of special needs. By not having the right amount of teachers to help these students meet their goals, special education departments can fall short of the desired goals that need to be met. With the increased number of students who are identified as having special needs, prospective teachers who possess the ability to understand the special education focus and exercise care and patience with their students would be very marketable and highly welcomed.

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