A Rollercoaster Ride: Getting into College

Getting into college represents one of the greatest transitional periods for both students and their families. The entire process of taking the entrance exam, moving away from your parents and making new friends can be quite stressful and challenging, so it’s essential that you take some time to prepare for the upcoming period. By learning more about the experiences of other students who have been in the same situation, you’ll be able to take this rollercoaster ride with excitement rather than fear.

Have a stress-free admission preparation

Preparing and studying for your entrance exam can be quite stressful because it will determine your “destiny”. For many students, this means sleepless nights and nightmares about their minds going blank a minute before the exam. By starting your preparation on time, you’ll be more confident in your knowledge, which will make this entire situation less stressful. In addition, there are certain programs that come with a lot of admission-related and other benefits that can help you get course credit and scholarships at many universities. Every time you’re feeling under pressure, you should seek help and even consider applying for some of the stress-free IB tutoring programs. Not only will these programs help you expand your knowledge and prepare for your entrance exam, but they also represent a long-term investment in your future that will help you relieve stress and tension.

Start with a bang

Once you’ve passed your entrance exam, a completely new journey awaits you that is also a part of this transitional period. Exams, papers, parties, worries, missed deadlines and much more. Keep in mind that the first impressions matter, so start your college days with a bang. You need to be focused from the very start – not only will this leave a positive impression on your professors, but it will make your upcoming months much easier. If you spend your first months skipping lectures and partying, you’ll find yourself lost when the exam periods come and it will take you a lot of time to catch up. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, but only that you need to create a balance and set your priorities during this transitional period.

Follow your interests

Your college days will be much easier and exciting if you’re studying what you like and enjoy. While you might not have had many options in high school when it came to subjects, at college, you’ll have a variety of different elective courses that might suit your interests. However, don’t be afraid to explore new subjects, as well, because you can always learn something new and exciting or even discover a new field of interest. College is not only about studying but also about discovering yourself as a person, so don’t hesitate to do so.

Find a mentor

Whether it’s your favourite professor, parents, cousin or an older friend, having an adult mentor will help you get through this challenging transitional period. Since moving away from parents and being on your own can be quite stressful, you need someone who will be there when you’re feeling down or lost. Since freshman students are entering young adulthood, they still don’t have appropriate stress-management skills, so they can easily get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of student life. A mentor is someone who went through the same things like you and they can impart their “wisdom”. They will help you get up when you’re down, overcome obstacles and help you get to know yourself.  

Keep in touch

Going to college often means moving away from your parents, not seeing your friends and even losing touch with someone who used to be your close friend. In addition, it may take you some time to establish close relationships with new friends. Consequently, you might feel lonely, experience social anxiety and even depression. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your relationships with old friends – you can always make time for meeting your friend at least for a short walk.
Keep in mind that this is also a challenging period for your parents because they have to deal with separation and may feel forgotten while simultaneously worrying about you being alone. Having parental support throughout your studies, especially at the very beginning, will make the entire period less terrifying.

By preparing for your entrance exam on time and signing up for a tutoring course, you’ll gain confidence in your knowledge and build a foundation for your future studies. Although it might seem difficult at first, starting is the first and most important step. Afterwards, when everything passes, you’ll remember the entire experience with a smile.

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