Nature of the job

The word barista is an Italian word which means ‘bartender’ in English. Barista is renowned employee run coffee shop, which has many branches worldwide and franchises to promote the brand. The finest beverages available at barista have made many fans so far. Barista deals in both hot beverages and cold alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and not just deals in coffee only. Barista was first started in Norway and now it is found in all most all the countries. Barista involves various kinds of espresso machines and various kinds of automatic and semi-automatic machines which are not easy to work on. There are also some manual machines in the shop which are controlled by employees that are hired by the barista team. Besides semi-automatic machine, where beans are crushed on pressing the lever, but the brew time has to be set by the employee and automatic where brew time is preset. There is also a super automatic espresso machine where everything from grinding of beans to brew time setting is automated. Barista has many types of espresso in their list like cappuccino, moccoccino and latte. To prepare these types one must know the latte art and various arts involved. The various bartending skills are involved in the field which is to be acquired before you get to work at barista. The latte art is actually the various designs made on the espresso coffee to add to the presentation of the beverage. The espresso machine handling has got many steps like grounding of the beans, tampering and leveling. Any errors in these steps may lead to the too bitter or too strong coffee, which affects the reputation of the brand. Therefore barista chooses its employees to be very perfect at their work.

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Barista job description will provide you further information on skills, qualification and career growth in this profession.



Qualifications and expertise required


Qualifications required

To become a barista employee, there is no such specific type of qualifications but involves various skills, which are not easily approved by barista team. A graduate in any stream or high school pass out can become an espresso handler at barista. Usually people with unique interests seek a career in barista and they have a special kind of passion to work for barista. There are some skills which an individual should possess if seeking a career in barista which are mentioned below:

Skills required

  • Good handling- It is a kind of work which is directly related to the taste of people and for which they never compromise. So, the work must be done with good handling as any error can lead to distrust of customer.
  • Better understanding- There are some complicated machines manual, semi automatic, automatic and super automatic which are to controlled efficiently by the employees
  • Hard working– The person working at barista must be hard working and should be able to work under heavy work loads
  • Good communication skills- The person working has to communicate with the esteemed customers which have a good image of barista in their minds. So, it would be very disappointing if the communication skills of the employee are not good.
  • High tolerance power- To handle customers is not an easy task and needs much tolerance in case of any conflict or fight by the customer
  • Good presence of mind- The person seeking to become an employee of barista must possess a good presence of mind and only with a sound mind he will be able to work accurately. Any mistake in beverage making or customer service can lead to distrust of customer which is not good for barista’s reputation
  • Positive attitude- The person seeking a job in barista must have positive mind and reply positively to all the queries of customer. He must react positive in most negative situations at the store. This is good for barista’s image.


Career growth


Growing professionally

Those seeking a career in barista can find a good career in the firm. It is one of the best brands in the world and working here is luck for many aspiring people. It may be very easy to work at other coffee shops or eatable points, but barista is somewhat very high and to get a job here in not easy. Only the best people get a job in barista, because it involves many machines, which are not easy to understand and only the deserving ones having those skills, which are mentioned above can find a place here. The salaries have no bounds for the deserving ones and the employee finds a greater career at barista. It not only adds to the finances, but the main thing is the name barista which gets added to your name and this is the best thing that can happen to one.

How to become one?

Online schools and training programs for baristas:

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