Who is a busboy and what does a busboy do?  

A busboy is a person who works in a restaurant or catering industry and is responsible for cleaning dishes, setting and resetting dining tables, refilling water and otherwise helping the waiting staff (waiter/waitress). The busboy caters most of the time in a kitchen returning and putting in order utensils and plates. They also setup and break down dining room for each shift and maintain the restaurant in a clean and orderly manner. The busboy job Description would help you to understand the requirements for getting into this field of work. Most of the busboys would be found to be working with restaurants or catering industries. Busboy is needed in the restaurant or in catering industry just to lighten up the high amount of work of the wait staff.

Catering training


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Credentials and Ability required

Most of the restaurants or catering industries generally prepare these busboy employees and give them training according to their need and requirements. To be a busboy you must have to maintain the high level of personal cleanliness and make sure that you are able to fulfill the physical requirements needed for a busboy because as a busboy you have to carry heavy trays or tubs for long shifts from one place to another. A busboy must understand the dining room service procedures of the restaurants.

Skills required

  • To be a good busboy one must be well trained in setting and cleaning the tables
  • They must understand the dining room service procedure of the restaurant
  • Busboy must have the ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure
  • A busboy should be able to complete his duties quickly

Professional Growth
What are the job prospects for these Busboys?
There are lots of opportunities for a busboy to find the jobs in restaurants or in catering industry. Busboy having ability to work hard and completing his duties quickly may get job in high level restaurants or in catering industries and can get a good monthly salary with tips from the customers. If busboy has the high school qualification then growth as a busboy is quite good as after busboy he can become server and waiter in the restaurant.

Online and In Campus Programs

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