Community Service Opportunities

Another thing you’ll want to look at when deciding what college or university to attend is the kind of community service opportunities the school offers. Performing community service can be one of the most enriching and educational aspects of a college experience. It will make you feel good about making a contribution to society and also generate an appealing addition to your resume. Of course, you can certainly go out and make your own community service opportunities, but many colleges work hard to provide a community service experience that offers the maximum contribution to the community and the most rewarding experience for the participants. Here are some of the different community service opportunities you may be able to take advantage of at your college or university.

Urban Service: Schools located in or near cities have plenty of opportunities for community service. A good urban service program will take students into soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and inner city schools. Students will help with the day to day operations of these institutions and learn what the struggles are that individuals in cities, particularly the poverty stricken and those with no place to go, have to face. They will learn about the short term and potential long term solutions to these problems.

Overseas Service: While this requires a serious commitment, overseas service is a great way to combine the concepts of studying abroad and community service. There is no shortage of disadvantaged nations in the world, all of which have communities that can use a helping hand. Participating in one of these programs not only teaches you about a foreign culture in a way far more intensive than any classroom environment could provide, but it also teaches you about the special challenges those in disadvantaged and developing nations face. This information could prove invaluable in your future career, be it politics, business, medicine, or something else entirely.

Tutoring: Here’s a great way to give a part of your education back right away. Tutoring local elementary school, junior high school and high school students is not only great experience for those planning to become teachers, it’s a fun and useful way to share your education for any college student. Those you tutor are sure to appreciate the personal attention you give them, especially when that attention comes from someone close to their age, someone who is not that far removed from the experiences they are having now. Many kids growing up find that the helpful hand of a friendly teacher, older sibling, or tutor made all the difference in directing their academic future. If you were one of these kids, or like the idea of helping one of them, now is the time to give a little bit back. Community service is personally enriching, a boon to society and educational. If you can schedule some time in between classes, studying and relaxing to participate in one or more of your school’s community service programs, you are not likely to be disappointed.

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