Education Administration

Earnings Potential

The median annual School Principal salary is $98,381 with a range usually between $86,894$110,669 ( 2015), whereas assistant principals’ salary is $80,648 with a range usually between $70,310$94,256 ( 2015). College administrators, such as deans of various schools at universities, earned¬†$137,124 with a range usually between $112,307$164,867 ( 2015).

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Education Administration at a Glance

The educational administration field shares certain responsibilities with teaching staff, including designing curriculums for students and identifying and then meeting or exceeding standards for standardized testing required by the state. The educational administration field also includes responsibility for working with educators, parents and communities. Administrators facilitate disciplinary actions, oversee athletic departments as well as compliance with regulations.

Examples/Details of Work

Educational administrators include assistant or vice principals, along with principals, deans and school board members.

Obtainable Degrees

Most school systems, when searching for educational administration faculty members, have some necessary qualifications. Typically, school systems will require at the very least a bachelor’s degree. Along with this requirement also there is usually a requirement for teaching experience. Advanced degrees are preferred, because a Master’s degree, whether it be in education, business, management or educational administration will give the necessary background to make taking on the new responsibilities easier. The experience in education gives educational administrators the necessary perspective for working with teachers and faculty, as well as gaining some experience with students. While it may not be required to teach before going into educational administration, a good plan of action may be to teach or substitute while earning an advanced degree. Ultimately the experience is useful.


Online and In Campus Programs

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