You see it every day but may not even be aware of it. Perhaps you take it for granted, knowing it will always be there for you to read in between classes. It’s ever present, ever informative, ever entertaining; it’s your college newspaper. If you haven’t looked at your college newspaper, give it a shot. You may be surprised at what you learn. Here are the kind of things you might learn by reading your college newspaper.

University Happenings:Perhaps the school is getting a new Dean. Maybe the sports center is getting a new look. Perhaps school officials are in serious debate over a new program. You’ll find all that stuff in your college newspaper, probably on the front page.

Sports Results: College sports are big, and most people have to wait for the local newspaper to get all the latest. The college newspaper sports section is written by students, which means they have first hand up close information about what is going on with your favorite college sports teams. Intramural results are often printed here too, so find out how the residence hall one block over is handling the softball league while you’re at it.

Editorials: This is the best part of every college newspaper. Here, your fellow students sound off about local politics, college life, pop culture, or anything else they feel will be of interest to the student body. Often in the editorials section you will also get some point vs. counterpoint as well as letters from students.

Student Life: Everything from the latest concert on campus to the time and location of the club fair can be found here. Checking the student life section is a great way to keep up on anything and everything fun that’s happening on campus or in the surrounding area. Don’t be the one left saying, “oh, that was LAST night?”

Classifieds: Need to buy or sell a bike? Looking for that special book the bookstore doesn’t seem to have in stock? Want to offer your tutoring services? That’s all covered in the classifieds section. Not only can you read the college newspaper, you can be a part of it too! Participating in the college newspaper is a great way to stay connected to your college community. It’s also tremendous experience for a potential career in journalism or publishing. You can indulge your favorite passion while informing your fellow students. Love sports? Be a sportswriter for the college paper. You’ll be able to rub elbows with all your favorite players and then tell the student body why they’re not working hard enough on the field. Have strong opinions? The editorials section is just for you. Prefer working behind the scenes? There’s plenty to do on the college newspaper besides writing.

The college newspaper is a great part of college life. Whether you are a contributor or just an avid reader, take full advantage of the college paper to enhance your educational experience.

Image credit: rfduck