With the anticipated rise in job vacancies in 2016, which sort of jobs might you expect to see? Based on the latest research by CareerBuilder, global leaders in human capital solutions, there are over a dozen top jobs to keep your eyes on over the coming year, and these career pay very well. These career building jobs have seen an increase in demand of over seven percent in the past few years, and the growth is predicted to continue in 2016. Most of the appointments depend upon the successful applicants holding a bachelor’s degree, (although there is some flexibility) and most significantly, these jobs pay a minimum of twenty two dollars an hour.

However, employers are perturbed over the lack of skilled applicants to fill these positions. According to Matt Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer and President at CareerBuilder, just under fifty percent of managers in human resources state that they have vacancies that they cannot fill. As you evaluate these in demand careers, give serious consideration to how you can show that you are the best candidate. The ideal approach is to demonstrate that your talent and expertise converts into problem solving opportunities for employers.
Highlight Your Achievements
Showing that you have the relevant qualifications and experience is no longer sufficient. As a potential employee, your main task is to demonstrate the problems you have encountered and your ability to resolve them. You will have to relate these successful resolutions to the needs of the employer so that they will see you as an asset.
Resolve The Skill Gap
Training and development currently plays an essential role for employers who wish to target specific strengths amongst their employees. Traditionally, this function was seen as a bonus rather than a necessity, but as it has become increasing difficult for employers to recruit candidates that match the job specification precisely, training and development specialists have evolved into being vital elements in the workplace. Stand out by showcasing training programs or platforms you have implemented, highlight cost savings and evaluate the outcomes, or projected results from the processes you established and/or delivered.Tap In To Technology
As careers in technology continue to show projected growth, the skills and experience of software developers and engineers, network system administrators and engineers (with and emphasis on cloud computing), web developers and designers, and quality assurance engineers will become increasingly sought after. Although many of these appointments may be based on contracts of specific duration, there is no need to avoid them. The trend towards hiring independent contractors is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with small and medium sized enterprises that have less financial resources. A positive attitude to team work and the will to build solid relationships with colleagues will put you ahead of the field. 

Financial Solutions 
The financial sector is still buoyant and competitive, and there is a wide variety of jobs on offer. Financial analysts are increasingly in demand, and this sector offers placements across a range of specialties, such as banks, including investment banking, and insurance companies. Corporate finance departments also offer comparable opportunities for analysts. Stay abreast of the wide range of financial products available, and take time to interpret geographic trends. When seeking these positions, ensure that you emphasise the effect of your analysis on the company’s investments or planning.

Get the “First Mover” Advantage
Getting a company’s products and services on the market first, and attaining the most prominent profile in this highly competitive economy is truly a remarkable achievement, and this would be an excellent chance to showcase your software development expertise, and prove your ability to solve the challenges that come with this career building opportunity.

Effects from the skills gap can be seen in companies of all industries around the globe. Employers in seven of the ten largest economies say IT positions are amongst the most difficult to fill. When looking at the hardest to fill positions across all ten countries, information technology and engineering are amongst those at the top.

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