Graphic Design

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Choosing what major to study can be a hard decision, especially in the creative fields. The world of design can open many doors for different career options. Design does have a creative focus. This will require students in this area to be extremely creative and versatile. Additional skills are required in this field, such as being able to convey ideas and create new ones by being very imaginative. Because of the constant changes and trends in the field, students are never fully educated, professionals in design must stay up to date.

Design majors have to be focused individuals who realize there is more to their education and career than talent. Talent is important, but not all there is to know. Many degree programs that offer design as a major will also require students to learn computer skills. Many designers use computer aided drafting or CAD in their careers, which makes a knowledge of computers necessary. Another reason is that many times, designers will need to demonstrate their ideas and present them to clients. Being able to do this through computer presentation is an invaluable tool. In order to complete presentations and work effectively with clients, design majors will need strong interpersonal skills as well.

Most individuals in the design field are self-employed or freelance at one point or another in their careers. When considering degree programs and electives, it would be beneficial to see if there are any required business classes in the program you are reviewing. If there are no requirements, it may be wise to add them to your electives list. Some knowledge of business practices, even if it is just the basics, is going to be useful if at any time you are working for yourself.

Online and In Campus Programs

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