Graphics and Multimedia

Explore a Career in Graphics and Multimedia 

Are you a Web developer or designer looking for ways to build your skill set so you’re more competitive in the job market? Consider a certificate or degree in graphics and multimedia. This degree, coupled with a concentration in Web design can prepare you for a job as a Web designer at most businesses and organizations.

Web designers with skills in graphics and multimedia are especially appealing to e-commerce companies. Given that the majority of Web shoppers only scan informational copy, it is essential for a Web Site to capture that shopper’s attention right away. Graphic-intensive content and multimedia enhances the appeal of a Web site.

Degrees in Graphics and Multimedia 

If you’re interested in working as a Web designer or developer and have no experience, it would be prudent to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science or Web development with a concentration in graphics and multimedia. These programs will teach you the fundamentals of computer information systems, graphic design and marketing, along with the principles of visual design, digital image manipulation, animation and scripting. You will also become well-versed in the software used to create these multimedia effects.

An associate’s degree is ideal for someone who wants to supplement work experience with new skills that can lead to upward mobility in the workplace. Most associate’s degrees in graphics and multimedia combine instruction in marketing and design with an emphasis on the integration of audio, video, images and animation into Web design and development. This degree provides a solid foundation on which to advance your career in Web design.

Consider an Online Degree in Graphics and Multimedia 

Many institutions are now offering the above-mentioned degrees online. With an online degree program, you can choose to study when you want, which is a perfect way to fit education into your life while still acquiring work experience. Institutions that offer online degree programs in graphics and multimedia or computer science degrees with a concentration in graphics and multimedia are the Art Institute Online, Westwood College Online and Capella University.

In today’s academic landscape, flexibility is key. The hectic lifestyle of the modern student requires highly personalized options and choices. Luckily, you now have a myriad of options available – you can seek a degree completely online, take classes at your local campus, or develop a combination of both online and offline study. The pursuit of higher education has never been easier, and the vast majority of schools offering online degree programs also offer a complementary Campus Program, or a hybrid program designed to perfectly match your needs. Whatever your course of study, we can help you find the most ustomized solution to fit your busy schedule. Find the program that best suits your individual tastes, and be on your way to a degree sooner rather than later.