Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into

Even with the economy uncertain and many college graduates struggling to make their loan payments, the field of nursing continues to remain a lucrative career. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that there continues to be a growing demand for nurses, and the flexibility of working almost anywhere is one of the key benefits of a job in the nursing field.


Many prospective nurses who are finding the academic requirements for admission into nursing programs may benefit from first attending a school with less-stringent requirements, work on beefing up their grades, and then transfer their credits and GPA to the nursing school of their choice. Most top-flight nursing programs continue to remain incredibly competitive, but some of today’s best nurses started out as LPNs with an associate’s degree from a local university, and then transferred to a more demanding nursing program at another school.

Another option is to attend a school with a pre-nursing program. By building up your academic good standing and a solid GPA, you have an excellent chance of then being admitted to their full Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. It also helps to volunteer and/or work in the nursing field, as experience goes a long way towards convincing an admissions department to accept you for their program.

If You Have a low GPA

Because nursing is a difficult and demanding job, many students are looking for the easiest nursing schools to get into. Below is a list of five universities you’ll have a better chance of getting into a nursing school with low GPA and grades.

Oklahoma City University

If academics aren’t your strong suit, but you still want to enter the compassionate field of nursing, then Oklahoma City University might be your best choice.

Right now, the school requires a minimum 2.5 GPA for nurses who are already working as RNs and want to upgrade their credentials to a full Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

Students eager to claim a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing but aren’t yet RNs can apply to the school for an associate’s degree, which can then be applied towards a full BSN degree from the university.

Georgia Southwestern State University

This lovely little school located in Americus accepts high school students with a GPA as low as 2.8. The university also has a number of other requirements for acceptance into their nursing program, which can be found on their website or by contacting their admissions department.

Azura Pacific University

Few people have heard of Azusa Pacific, a private Christian university located in Azusa, California, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, but it has an outstanding nursing program. The university currently accepts students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. For more information on other prerequisites and other minimum test scores, visit their website or contact their Admissions department.

Oral Roberts University

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts University is another faith-based college with a strong nursing program. Assuming you meet the school’s other requirements, the college currently accepts students into their nursing program with a GPA of 3.3 and a SAT score of 1000, or a 21 on the ACT.

Jacksonville University

Founded in the heart of one of Florida’s largest cities, Jacksonville University currently admits students with a GPA as low as 2.5. Jacksonville University has a competitive nursing program, but they are known to take on academically-challenged students. The university does have a number of other pre-requisities, however, so be sure to contact their Admissions department or browse their website for more information.