Mental Health

Earnings Potential

With a Masters degree, a person can earn a minimum of $ 56, 000 a year. A supervisory position allows one to earn as much as $70,000 a year.

Mental Health Facts at a glance: How do I become a Counselor?

There is essentially no position in the mental health field one can obtain without at least a Bachelor’s degree.

To make a substantial living in the field, you need a master’s degree in a specific concentration relating to the mental health field.

Examples and or Details of Work: What can I do with a Mental Health degree?

A mental health professional for the most part works with people with either mental or emotional issues. A supervisor in the mental health field has to weigh the needs of the client and act accordingly. For example, recently it was decided that people on temporary visas would receive free mental healthcare because their lives are more stressful.

Required Courses for Degree Completion

Classes needed for a degree in mental health include psychology, sociology, and any classes that may be in your school’s curriculum that deal with social work.

Specific career openings in this field

Psychologist, social worker, human services, counselor are just some of the positions available to individuals with a degree in mental health.