Mining Engineering

Earnings Potential

Mining engineers can make as much as over $48,000 a year with a B.A.

Facts at a Glance: How to become a mining engineer?

Because of the advanced age of the average mining engineer, it is a field that is expected to increase in opportunity in the next decade.

Aside from certain schools like the Colorado School of Mines, not many schools offer a specific degree in mining.

The job of a mining engineer is the hardest engineering job to find after high school, because of the aforementioned problems in finding a good college for the profession.

Examples and or Details of Work: What can I do with a mining engineering degree?

Mining engineers are usually specialists that deals with the mining of one type of material (ex. coal or gold) and helping with the design of mining projects. Most mining engineers are concerned with pollution, water and land reclamation. A mining engineer will also have to solve the problems if an environmental disaster occurs.

Required Courses for Degree Completion

Courses needed for a mining engineering degree include biology, chemistry, and physics.

Specific Career openings in this field

Design, production, processing and pollution control are among the careers possible for mining engineers.