Network Management

What is Network Management?

The Internet has changed the business world. The emphasis is on exchanging information and delivering services as fast as possible to anywhere in the world. The processes that make these tasks possible rely on computer network systems that can transfer data not just quickly but safely. Because nearly every business and organization relies on computer networking, the need for network management is great. Network managers build and maintain servers, routers and fiber optic networks. They can find jobs with all different kinds of businesses and even outdoor telecommunication companies.

Degrees in Network Management

To work in network management, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science for entry-level jobs, and an advanced degree with a concentration in management or other business skills for upper-level, management and administrative positions. A bachelor’s degree in network management teaches the networking skills needed for the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of networks commonly used in the business world. The curriculum also requires classes in general management, critical thinking and logistics.

A master’s degree in network management gives professionals skills in the application and use of networking technologies to solve business problems. Graduates will enter the workforce with the skills to run informational technology departments. They will be taught how to evaluate computer networks, calculate their net worth in regards to business net profits and make recommendations about departmental policies and procedures.

Both of these degrees can be earned in online programs. Online degree programs are ideal for working professionals to gain skills needed for advancement while still working. An online bachelor’s degree may be perfect for someone who has a certificate in computer science and is working at an entry level job. As well, the master’s degree is perfect for those working in network management who want to advance in their field. Institutions that offer these degrees online include National American University, Westwood College Online, DeVry University and Tidewater Tech Online. Before enrolling in an online degree program, make sure the institution is accredited.

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