Network Security

Network Security
Last updated at July 16, 2021

Network security specialists ensure the security of computer networks against identity and information theft, hackers, and viruses. They are both proactive and reactive by not only designing, installing, and managing complex computer infrastructures but by troubleshooting any problems that arise. Most businesses and organizations rely on computer networks and any type of information security breach can be detrimental to their operation. This is why the need for network security specialists is great.

Degrees in Network Security

A bachelor’s degree in network security prepares the graduate to work in entry-level positions in any number of businesses and organizations including the government. The goal of a bachelor’s degree program is to teach skills to install network security components, identify risks, examine current industry risks and install server operating systems, among other things. Curriculum classes include security essentials, hacking essentials, and server disaster recovery.

To earn a master’s degree in network security, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required, and work experience is recommended. A master’s degree curriculum prepares graduates to plan and manage their own security systems, as well as manage information technology departments.

Online Degrees in Network Security

Both of these degrees can be earned in online programs. Online degree programs are ideal for working professionals to gain skills needed for advancement while still working. An online bachelor’s degree may be perfect for someone who has a certificate in computer science and is working at an entry-level job. As well, the master’s degree is perfect for those working in network security who want to advance in their field. Institutions that offer these degrees online include DePaul University CTI, Norwich University, and Colorado Tech Online. Before enrolling in an online degree program, make sure the institution is accredited.

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