CCNA Salary CCNA Security Certification

National Salary Average: $81,000

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CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification allows and validates students’ ability to not just install and configure switched and routed networks but to also operate plus troubleshoot them. The new name for this certification is ‘CCNA Routing and Switching’ which is comparatively more career focused and the old certification is slowly being phased out by Cisco. Professionals who have this security certification can use WAN for connecting to remote sites, mitigate security threats of a basic nature in the network, and gain an understanding of fundamental concepts and terminology in networking. With the help of this certification, a Network Professional’s competence is established and demonstrated.

Among all the certifications provided by Cisco, this certification is easily one of the most popular. When it comes to the tech industry, having CCNA certification in your career credentials can be extremely beneficial because of its importance. In order to have a rewarding and fulfilling career as a network engineer or a network administrator, obtaining CCNA security certification can be the first major step. No prerequisites are required for this certification.

The job outlook for network administrators seems good, with an expected 28% growth in employment from 2010 to 2020 which makes it one of the top growing jobs in the IT industry. Because various industries have realized the importance of networks and therefore, adopted them, the demand for more network administrators is on the horizon. Also, internet has become a precious tool for business, especially mobile internet which further signals towards more jobs for network administrators.

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