CCNP SalaryCCNP Security Certification

Average national Salary: $91,000

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CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is meant for those network professionals who have at least a year’s experience in networking and want to move on to complex and advanced network solutions in Cisco either to work independently or build a career in. With CCNP security certification, students can prove and establish their competence as Network Engineer professionals. This certification validates skills and knowledge for planning, implementing, verifying and troubleshooting and LANs and WANs of an enterprise. Collaboration between CCNP professionals and specialists of video and wireless solutions, voice solutions and advanced security can also occur effectively.
Success at networking roles at the enterprise level like systems engineers, network support engineers, network technicians and network engineers can be achieved by professionals with CCNP security certification. For CCNP security certification, Cisco’s CCNA certification is a prerequisite before taking CCNP exams.

The job outlook for network engineers is seeing good prospects as a mild rise from the previous years has been witnessed. Because new and latest technology is being released constantly, improvements in company systems would also require evolving and thus, the role of a network engineer in a company would be unparalleled. Network engineers would be important in keeping the company systems running. In order to maintain the career high and prospects for network engineering, professionals would have to grow and learn on a constant basis, improve on their existing skills, and also, learn new skills.

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