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CEH Security Certification

National Average Salary – $91,000

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CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification tests security professionals on their ability to uncover vulnerabilities in security systems that come internally and externally. A Certified Ethical Hacker has abilities to use the tools of hacking ethically, to test an application, network or system’s vulnerabilities by using the same techniques and tools as a malicious hacker. However, the results of an ethical hacker’s works are not used for malicious purposes but to strengthen the security systems and eliminate any vulnerability that is revealed. The EC Council offers CEH where the professional’s knowledge about systems, methods and tactical tools and ethical hacking are tested.

The knowledge domains in CEH security certification include ethics, regulations and policies, methodology and procedure, tools, security, assessment and analysis, and background of networking, protocols and web technologies, among others. The task domains include mitigation, reporting, ethics, security testing, system audits and analysis, and system management and development. The prerequisites to CEH include about 2 years’ experience in IT security.

The current demand for ethical hackers is 60,000 globally and as per job outlook and prospects, this number is set to grow to 118,000. Professionals with CEH certification can also find jobs in network security administration, application security testing, forensic analysis, security auditing, penetration testing, web designing, software development, database development, network defense analysis, web security administration and many other areas. Basically, every IT related area that can be misused by malicious hackers and needs extra protection and scrutiny can find use of a CEH certified professional.

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