CISM Certification SalaryCISM Security Certification

National Average salary: $96,000


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CISM of Certified Information Security Manager certification allows professionals to gain experience and knowledge in information security program development and management. Professionals in information security management who are skilled are much in demand because of this certification’s focus on business needs and requirements. With the help of CISM security certification, you can not only understand but align the information security program of a business with its all-round objectives and goals. Having expertise in information security that this certification provides is just one side, it also offers considerable experience and practical knowledge in information security program development and management.

CISM certification benefits professionals by allowing them to customize the practices specific to a company in such a way that IT governance is facilitated and critical issues are identified. More than that, as the organization’s success is dependent on efficient management of information security systems, the credibility of the enterprise is enhanced by professionals with CISM certification. Four major areas are covered by CISM – creation of security program, response to incidents, risk management and security governance. CISM differs from other certification by focusing on the bigger picture in terms of information security and its importance in furthering the top goals of a business organization.

In terms of job outlook, information security managers and professionals are being sought after by top enterprises because of the growing importance of information security management. Among all the other certifications that are required by an Information Security Manager, the prospects that come from CISM certification are the best.

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