CNC Machinist

CNC stands for machines that are computer numerically controlled that help in developing a range of articles, from computer keywords to engines in aerospace to automobile parts. CNC works with the help of codes incorporated into a computer module. It generally produces big quantities of a particular part. CNC operators are there in metal working industries because computers happen to be accurate compared to a human hand and it also helps in minimizing the cost. The first task is to set up a necessary machine that will be a requirement for this job.

The operators feed to their machine, the necessary program as per the requirement and then initiate it. Once the machine starts, the operator closely examines it and detects if it is working properly or not, so that flaws can be rectified. Since operators do not have a lot to do with the machines, they look after many machines at the same time. Their utmost responsibility is to check tools for their sharpness and utility. They must wear an appropriate uniform like safety glasses to avoid injuries while performing the job. They also detect malfunction using instruments for precision measuring like dial calipers. These are a few responsibilities of a CNC operator job description.

Certification & education

  • For CNC machinists, having diploma from high school or comparable GED is adequate.
  •  They also require training on the job for few months to achieve expertise.
  • To set a uniform competency standard and for expanding their levels in skill, many colleges and training facilities offer certification.

Skills required

  • They need to possess an ability to comply with and express written and oral communications.
  • He must be physically fit.
  • He must have proper knowledge of the machines.

Job prospects & salary

The job prospects for a CNC operator are excellent. Experienced CNC operators can get promoted to CNC programmer or machinery mechanic. Skillful operators can advance to tool and die-making while others can open their own shop. In 2010 May, the annual median salary for this job description was $34,750. The 50% individuals in the middle earned annually, an average of up to $27,700 to $42,555. The lowest 10% received below $22,600, whereas the earnings of the highest 10% are over $51,300.