Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer Salary in 2014

Job Description

Computer engineers perform a number of functions all tied to computer, information and related systems. According to, the functions of computer engineer include; research, system design and development and testing computer systems for industrial, scientific and for commercial use. The other functions involve supervision of production and installation of computer and computer related equipments and components. One big challenge faced by computer engineering professionals is the need to constantly adjust to new technologies that demand lighter and smaller devices, in addition to convenience and mobility. Find more about what computer engineers do here.

National Salaries and Averages

According to, the national average salary for computer engineers as at May 2014 was $65,374; with maximum salaries standing at $102,000 and the minimum at $44,000. On average, professionals who have attained atleast 7-years of working experience receive much higher salaries compared to their less-experienced peers. The other factor that may affect the rate of pay is the individual’s work performance. On average, computer engineers earn much higher salaries compared to the national salary average.

Top Computer Engineering Employers

According to, the US is the best country to work as a computer engineer even though salaries differ depending on your work station, city of work, the level of education and employer. The major specialties of computer engineering are computer hardware engineer and computer software engineer. On the overall, statistics indicate that graduates majoring in engineering courses receive comparably higher salaries. Some colleges also assist their graduates with work placement among other employment services.

Attaining a bachelors or master’s degree in computer engineering can greatly affect the amount of income you receive. Some of the popular computer engineering schools include; the University of California Berkeley, Carnegie Melon University, Stanford University and the Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) among other top institutions. There are numerous technology companies that are constantly hiring computer engineers; mentions Google, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook as the top paying employers of computer engineers.

Best employment locations quotes San Francisco-Silicon Valley and New York – Silicon Alley as among the leading corridors for computer engineering professionals seeking better pay. Some of the top paying cities for computer engineers include; Silicon Valley, California, Boulder Colorado, Lowell and Framingham in Massachusetts and Durham in North Carolina. In terms of state median salaries; New York, Massachusetts and Mississippi offer the highest range of salaries with the states of Alaska, Idaho and Nebraska offering the lowest averages.

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