CRISC Certification Salary

CRISC Security Certification

National Average Salary: – $118,000

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CRISC or Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification offers professionals with the ability and skills to use IS controls effectively and manage the risks that an enterprise faces. This certification is updated and current in terms of the proficiency of the employees of an organization in risk evaluation. When a professional gets CRISC security certification, they are able to use IS controls and implement them appropriately to mitigate any business risks. CRISC certification is a symbol of expertise and knowledge in a risk assessment professional. It is rigorous in its assessment and professionals with CRISC certification are invaluable to any organization.

The benefits of CRISC certification include an in depth knowledge of IT risks, understanding its impact on an organization and aligning the results with overall organization goals. Because of the strong knowledge base provided by this certification, plans are more effective and development is assured to mitigate risks. Also, a common standard for IT risk in an organization is established by professionals with CRISC security certification that can have long term benefits. The focus areas of this certification include – IS control maintenance, monitoring, implementation and design, and Risk monitoring, response, identification, evaluation and assessment. The prerequisites of getting this certification include 3 years’ experience.

In terms of job prospects and opportunities, the scene seems good with most CRISC certified professionals ending up as audit consultants, audit managers, audit directors, security directors/managers/consultants, IT compliance, IT managers/consultants/directors, risk officers, privacy officers, CISOs, CIOs, chief audit executives, audit heads et al.

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