Naturopathic Doctor

What Naturopathic Doctors Do

Naturopathic doctors, by definition, are physicians who combine traditional medical practice with that of natural treatments. They focus on holistic and comprehensive treatments to meet the needs of all of their patients individually. They not only treat present symptoms but also work with their patients to identify all possible obstacles that may be contributing to those symptoms. They undergo intensive training by undergoing four years of naturopathic medical school, which includes, but is not limited to, courses on psychology, natural childbirth and botanical medicine. They must first obtain a Bachelor’s, pre-medical or a science degree. Once that is completed, they are now eligible for the four years’ training in naturopathic medicine. They must also pass the extensive postdoctoral board examination called the Naturopathic Physicans Licensing Examination (or the NPLEX) to become licensed.

How to become a naturopathic doctor?

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Their Employers

Naturopathic doctors can be found in just about any facility that provides medical treatment from private practices to community centers. They usually work in U.S. locations as primary care doctors.

Naturopathic Physician National Average Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the tiniest tenth percentile, naturopathic doctors make about $25.73 per hour or over $50,000 annually. All of the others make about $53.70 an hour or over $78,000 annually. On average, those who are self-employed tend to make more than those in private practice with the former making over $58,000 to over $100,000 annually and the latter making over $38,000 to over $82,000 annually. Furthermore, many receive an annual bonus of $500 to over $1,000, which is credited to their bank accounts. How much they make per year also depends on years of experience.

Varied Salaries by State and Internationally

In the U.S., there is some variation in a naturopathic physician’s salary by the states with the Chicago area being the highest at over $23,000 to over $100,000 annually and Washington being the lowest at up to over $74,000 annually.
In the U.K., naturopathic physicians make an average hourly wage of over six Euros with a median income of over 13,000 Euros annually. Although it also depends age. Someone who is in their 20’s can expect to make over 10,000 Euros annually compared to someone who is in their 40’s or 50’s, who can expect to make over 15,000 Euros annually.

In Canada, a naturopathic physician’s median annual income is over C$75,000 annually with a bonus of C$500-C$1,600 credited to their bank accounts.
In Austrialia, naturopathic physicians who are just starting out usually expect to make about AU$19 to AU$42, this usually progresses to an increase of AU$41 with a bonus of over AU$3,000 credited to their bank accounts.


While being a naturopathic physician is a well-paid career, it is not one that should be entered into just for the money. Individuals considering being a naturopathic physician should have a passion for helping people in the best way that is possible for them on an individual basis and at the same time have a passion for both traditional and natural medicines.

Online and In Campus Programs

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