Sterile Processing Technician

Average Salaries Across the United States in 2014

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Checking the latest features about sterile processing technician salary in detail will let you realize the importance of earning in the medical field. There is severe dearth of such professionals in the industry where the requirements have been escalating on a regular basis. Increased pressure upon the recruiters across the world determines the exact need for such technicians as per the latest requirements. Such technicians are primarily responsible for the cleaning of utensils associated with sterile equipment on a regular basis.

Job Description

Maintaining the perfect health standards in this regard to offer the patients with maximum assurance about their personal needs is one of the biggest job responsibilities of a certified sterile processing technician on the whole. Maximum cleanliness maintained at the workplace is definitely into consideration so that the precise health levels are assured accordingly. Disposing safely all those medical accessories that have been used previously too is another major responsibility considered by such technicians. Major hospitals and nursing homes are known to pay more for those who carry out their jobs during extreme medical conditions.


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National Average

As per a comprehensive salary survey made by Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD), an experienced technician will receive $14.02 per hour on an average. Perhaps, those professionals and technicians who have got over 10 years of experience are bound to receive at least $15.12 per hour for sure. These national averages display the exact figures they consider in order to allow all those who would like to apply for the job. Perhaps, the payment variations too are experienced on an additional basis depending upon the exact health institute or reputed hospital one applies to.

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Major hospitals and care homes are the constant providers of work to sterile processing technicians. More importantly, it is because of those hospitals where premium health services are available on a regular basis 24×7 for patients with acute health problems that offer best employment prospects to such professionals. There are certain times during which such professionals need to work during odd hours such as late in the nights or early in the mornings who are paid more for the services they offer. Each employer is known to provide exceptional work conditions for all those who look forward for the best professional experience on an overall.


Sterile processing technicians or SPTs are highly regarded for the kind of unique work responsibilities they carry out as per the exact needs. For instance, an SPT carrying out duties in Alabama can expect to receive at least $25,000 for the services offered. Similarly, an experienced sterile processing technician who is known to offer valuable services at any of the reputed hospitals in Colorado is bound to receive $31,000 easily. More employee benefits are obtained with ease on a constant basis with the increase in performance standards. Latest salary details on an average for those working in Georgia are placed at $28,000 minimum. Considering all these details as far as the certified technicians are considered, it is possible to explore a great career by any technician concentrating in the field of sterile processing. The least salary paid is $23,000 in Arkansas in contrast with the highest in District of Columbia as $46,000.

Online and In Campus Programs

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