Sure you’re going to school to get an education, but wouldn’t it be great to meet some celebrities while you’re doing it? If rubbing elbows with celebrities is your thing, here are the schools you need to check out:

1. New York University

You’re guaranteed to spot a celebrity on this school’s campus, since the campus is all of New York City. New York University’s film school is one of the most prestigious in the world, so once and future superstar directors, actors and producers all flock to NYU. Spike Lee went here, as did Woody Allen. The latest celebrity students to gain attention are the mega star Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, of television and movie fame.

2. Columbia University

Just like NYU, having a school in New York has its advantages. Bill Clinton has digs right nearby this prestigious school, and it has had its share of celebrity students as well, including singer Art Garfunkel, beat writer Jack Kerouac, baseball legend Lou Gehrig, and more recently, actresses Julia Stiles and Anna Paquin.

3. Barnard University

Barnard is right across the way from Columbia, so whatever celebrities you might see strolling around Columbia, you can just as easily spot here. Celebrity Barnard students count Cynthia Nixon of televisions Sex and the City and Lauren Graham of the Gilmore Girls among their number.

4. Cooper Union

Rounding out the New York celebrity spotting schools is Cooper Union, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, where the hippest of celebrities like to hang around. Careful though. Just because someone in Washington Square Park has a camera trained on them doesn’t necessarily mean they’re famous.

5. USC

Of course, California schools are the best place besides New York City to find celebs. Celebrities you can spot here range from actors on current television shows, many of which shoot episodes on this campus, to celebrity instructors like Jason Alexander and Leonard Maltin, to the entire USC Trojans football team.


Located in trendy and popular Westwood, there’s no telling what movie stars or legendary directors you might run into here. Ben Stiller attended UCLA, as did Rob Reiner and Tim Robbins.

7. University of California at San Diego

Another California school, San Diego is also a popular spot for celebrities. Actor Benicio Del Toro attended USCD, as did professional poker player Paul “dotcom” Phillips.

8. Pepperdine

Yet one more California entry. You may not see that many celebrities on the campus itself, however, Pepperdine is located in Malibu, where tons of movie stars love to live and play. Take a few trips out to the beach, and you’re bound to get some quality celebrity spotting in.

9. Harvard

Everyone wants to go to Harvard, and celebrities are no exception. Celebrity Harvard students have included tennis star James Blake, actress Amy Brenneman and writer Michael Crichton.

10. Yale

Whoever doesn’t want to go to Harvard wants to go to Yale. Famous Yale students include both Presidents Bush, actress Jodie Foster, and actor Paul Giamatti.

photo credit:  potzuyoko