You’re thinking about academics when choosing a school, but you’re also thinking about your future. Once you get out of school, who’s going to give you that first job? How can you meet the right people while you are in school so that you can hit the ground running when you get out? One way is to attend a school with great networking opportunities. Here are some of the top schools you can attend to make the right connections.

1. New York University

New York University is located in the heart of New York City, a focal point for business, entertainment, and about every other industry you can imagine. If you can’t meet people here, you can’t meet them anywhere. If you don’t meet the people you need to hanging out in Washington Square Park, you can rub elbows with them at the theater or a Knicks game. New York University also has tons of alumni events, so even when you graduate you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet the right people.

2. Columbia University

As New York University is to downtown, Columbia University is to uptown. It’s New York City, and if you’re a Columbian, it’s the Ivy League, so play your cards right, and the people you want to meet will be clamoring to meet you. Try not to play too hard to get.

3. Harvard University

The Harvard Business school is full of future leaders of industry and commerce. You’re meeting people that you don’t even know you want to meet right now, but in a few years, all will become clear, and you’ll have the connections you need without even realizing you were networking.

4. Yale University

It might be the Secret Societies and it might be the tradition of excellence, but it seems like the road to success, be it in politics, business or some other endeavor, always travels through Yale. If you take advantage of your opportunities at Yale University, there’s no telling how many important people you’ll meet.

5. Stanford University

In addition to having a great reputation that draws important people from all walks of life, Stanford has a comprehensive alumni system, with a career network database allowing you direct contact with key people in the industry where you want to pursue your future career.

6. University of Southern California

If you’re looking to make connections in the film industry, this is the school to be at. You can bump into actors, directors, and producers every day just walking around campus, not to mention the visiting Professors who just might happen to be giants in the film world.


As Columbia is to New York University, so is UCLA to the University of Southern California. In Westwood you’re even more likely to bump into the people you need to help jump start your film career, and if not, they may show up in your cinema studies class anyway.

8. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth is especially proud of its Student Alumnae Mentoring Network, which pairs students with successful alumnae in their field of study.

9. Brown University

Brown is another school with a comprehensive Alumni network that will get you in touch with the people you need to get your career off on the right foot.

10. Princeton University

Princeton’s Global Network on Inequality links graduate students in sociology and politics with scholars at institutions abroad for hands on research in the field. These scholars will no doubt be invaluable in helping these students with their careers once they graduate.