The involvement of forensic scientists plays a crucial role in any kind of criminal investigation as they are the one who provide crucial evidences to investigators to solve the cases. A forensic scientist use various experiments and sophisticated technologies to provide these evidences, and it will help the investigator to prove the existence of crime, identify the culprit and sometimes reconstructing the modus operandi. The popularity of forensic science programs are increasing day by day, and this has led to the increase in number of colleges in which offer programs approved by FEPA, the governing body which works to maintain and enhance the quality of forensic science. Please find below the details of some top forensic science institutes in United States of America.

  • Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University is renowned as one of the top notch Universities in the country, and according to US News and World Report 2011, the college was declared as 47th best institute in the country. Another feather in the hat for Penn University came in the form of 2011 Princeton review when the college got selected as one among the best in the region. The Eberly College under Penn University offers Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, and students can choose Biology or Chemistry as their main subject for study. MPS in Forensic Science is also offered in Penn University, and the demand for this course have risen to the peak in the recent years. The college offers an impeccable atmosphere for learning, and the forensic science faculty in the college offers excellent service and research opportunity.


  • Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York: According to Princeton Review 2011, Syracuse University is one among the best Universities in the north eastern region of the country. The college offers umpteen numbers of courses in the forensic science arena and it includes JD in Forensic Science and Master in Forensic Science. Syracuse University doesn’t offer an undergraduate program which is solely dedicated for forensic science, but still students can learn it as a major or subsidiary stream of study. A student should have twenty five to twenty six credits, and should possess a major in Chemistry or Sociology if he wish to explore this arena. Syracuse University offers the best when it comes to internship. Here students will get maximum exposure during their course time as organizations like CIA, New York Police and FBI offers internship for students here.


  • University of California, Davis, California: This University is renowned as the top public University in USA, and this has been substantiated by the US, News and World Report 2011. Princeton Review also lists this university as a top notch institute in the western region. The faculties in this University is highly impeccable in all aspects, and they include, doctors, scientists, engineers and psychologists. The college offers AMS in Forensic Science which emphasize DNA Analysis as major. Criminalistics can also be selected according to the student’s wish.

The colleges mentioned above are top names in the country when it comes to Forensic Science programs, and a course completed from these institutions will provide benign benefits for the students for sure.


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