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Music production schools vary a lot in terms of the focus of their training and the academic level. Some schools offer short term certification programs in specific skill training. Some offer junior college level degrees. Others are parts of major universities and offer full academic degrees including both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters Degrees. The focus of the short term training tends to be on skills training in music engineering, technology or music business. The university based programs tend to have grander aspirations aimed more at general music and media arts.

Costs and Opportunities:

Costs of training in full fledged music production programs is high. Current annual tuitions range between $21,448 and $43,580. Many students receive student aid including loans or Pell Grants. In one program 44% of the students received Pell grants. But these grants represent only a fraction of the tuition cost. Only about half of students in music production programs actually graduate. Of these about 75% are employed shortly after graduation.

Some outstanding music production programs:

1 – The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota (IPR).

This program offers Associate of Arts degrees in audio production and engineering intending to train technically trained audio engineers for studio or theatrical production. Courses in studio engineering, live music reinforcement, music production, audio for visual media, production equipment (including a wide variety of professional amplification and recording tools), acoustics, and other technically oriented courses as well as “tour support,” marketing and talent development and administration.

2 – Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

This school is known for on-line Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in entertainment business including music business management, artist management, professional presentation skills, entertainment law and finance. The on-campus program was founded as a training ground for composing and producing electronic music. It has grown into an excellent program for soundtrack production, video games music, and TV or film music production. Admission may be less competitive than other major music production programs.

3 – The Berklee College of Music

This school originated as a training ground for jazz musicians. They have now broadened and include one of the very best music production and engineering programs in the country. Of course admission into this prestigious program is very competitive.

4 – NYU Steinhardt School of Music in New York City

Produces many top music producers in the industry. Bachelor and Masters degree programs are offered in music composition, music technology, and music business courses. Admission into this program is very competitive

5 – The Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Offers Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Science degrees in music production. These courses are intended to train for careers in music recording and audio post production as well as technical support and audio.

6 – The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) in Gilbert, Arizona

offers full programs in audio engineering, music production, sound production, and audio engineering. It trains for opportunities in everything from motion picture soundtracks to video game and ringtone creation. The school trains on top notch equipment.

7 – The McNally-Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota

offers a wide range of music production programs at the undergraduate and Masters degree level.

8  – The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) in Cleveland, Ohio

Is well known for training musicians.

Online and in campus Schools