Video Game Design

What is a Game Design Degree?

Do you have a passion for video games? Do you dream of being a game designer? A game design degree can turn these dreams into reality, giving you the skills, knowledge, and creative inspiration to become a top-notch game designer in the rapidly expanding interactive entertainment industry.

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Game design degrees prepare students to become part of development teams that create video games such as Final Fantasy, Half Life, and Halo. If you’ve always been fascinated by video game creation, a game design degree can help you become a part of this fascinating and ever-growing field.

What Skills Does a Game Design Degree Provide?

A game design degree prepares you for a career in the gaming industry by teaching you the skills necessary to compete in this field. While you may choose to specialize in a particular area, a game design degree will provide you with a broad base of understanding of all areas of video game creation. Three of the most important skills you will learn are computer programming, design, and communication.

One important component of a game design degree involves computer programming. Programming languages, knowledge of operating systems, design software, and computer graphics are important in game design. Programmers typically in high demand and can earn an average of $50,000 to $75,000 annually.

Art and design is another vital area of video game development and most game design degrees focus heavily on art, design, and graphic. Designers generally work on 2D and 3D animation. Salaries for designers vary greatly based upon skill, experience, and demand.

A game design degree will also sharpen your ability to communicate. Interpersonal skills are a vital part of working with a development team, but you will also need to apply your communication skills when creating video games. These skills will also come in handy when you prepare a resume and portfolio to show to potential employers.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Game Design Degree?

While many students with a game design degree find work in the video game industry, there are a number of different career paths that you can explore. Opportunities in the educational industry are becoming increasingly prevalent as the demand for academic software and educational programs grows. Game designer in this area often develop games that help children learn to read or create programs that improve accessibility for rural students.

Corporations also hire those with a game design degree to develop and produce training software. In this job sector, game designers create simulation software that helps corporate employees expand or sharpen their skills. Airlines and military contractors often utilize such programs to keep employees up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Recent increases in Internet advertising have also led to a demand for skilled and qualified designers and programmers. A game design degree provides an excellent background and preparation for this expanding job market. Game designers in this field typically help create animations and advertisements that are fun, entertaining, and interactive.

Is a Game Design Degree Right for Me?

A game design degree requires good problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and lots of creativity. These qualities combined with a passion for interactive entertainment can lead to a successful career in game design. Remember, however, that game design involves a great deal more than just playing video games all day.

A game design degree can help you develop the skills to succeed in the gaming industry, but it is also important to hone your own creativity, talent, and ambition as you build your resume and portfolio. Game designers need to have good programming skills, artistic talent, and computer expertise. If you have these qualities and you love video games, a career in game design might be the perfect choice for you.

Online and In Campus Programs

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