Web Development

Explore a Career in Web Development

Web development is the combination of two fields – information technology and the visual arts. Nearly every business, organization and association has a website. And especially for e-commerce businesses, the websites have to be functional, user-friendly and visually appealing to attract online shoppers. In website design, it is explained that a shopper takes three seconds to make up his or her mind about a website homepage. Therefore, if a shopper comes to a site and it takes a long time to load or if the images are fuzzy, good chances are that shopper is going to leave. Employers are looking for web development specialists who are well-versed in both website functionality and website design and layout standards. The best way to gain knowledge in web development is experience and practice, and preferably on-the-job experience. However, many companies are now requiring a degree in web development.

Degrees in Web Development

While experience is the real key to understanding web development, a degree is a good place to start. Many institutions offer associate’s degree programs and certificates in web development online. With an online degree program, you can choose to study when you want, which is a perfect way to fit education into your life while still acquiring work experience. Institutions that offer online degree programs in web development can be found below.

Through an associate’s degree program in web development, you will learn web page creation in HTML, how to use multimedia graphics, image and animation tools to enhance your websites, and basic knowledge of e-commerce web solutions and networking fundamentals. This degree is a good launching point for not only a career in web development, but also for continuing education in information technology.

In today’s academic landscape, flexibility is key. The hectic lifestyle of the modern student requires highly personalized options and choices. Luckily, you now have a myriad of options available – you can seek a degree completely online, take classes at your local campus, or develop a combination of both online and offline study. The pursuit of higher education has never been easier, and the vast majority of schools offering online degree programs also offer a complementary Campus Program, or a hybrid program designed to perfectly match your needs. Whatever your course of study, we can help you find the most customized solution to fit your busy schedule. Find the program that best suits your individual tastes, and be on your way to a degree sooner rather than later.

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