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When it comes to college, “choice” may be the most relevant term in the educational landscape. Community colleges, public colleges, private universities, and other institutional models all provide high-quality post-secondary opportunities to thousands of career-minded students each year. Fairly recently, online learning entered the equation, becoming a major (and still growing) component of college-level education. The flexibility inherent in distance learning, whether full-time or hybrid, allows students to juggle school, work and family more effectively than ever. In this place you'll find it all, resources, guides, school rankings. Everything to help you take one of the most important steps in your life.

Other resources

Accredited Colleges for Veterans

Learn why accreditation is critical to veterans pursuing civilian careers via continuing education. Find information and resources to help you better understand accredited colleges, universities, and programs.

Accreditation Information for Colleges, Universities and Schools

A starting point to anyone looking for a school or program. You will find a list of resources related to college accreditation at the end of this guide. Use this information to find detailed information more tailored to your needs as you go about the college selection process.

Types of Colleges in the US

What is the type of school best suited for you? The following page looks at today’s most common institutional options, as well as the full impact of online learning on this academic ecosystem.

A Student Guide to Grants and Scholarships

Learn what types of scholarships and grants are available to you and how to apply to one using this resourceful information