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Choosing LSAT prep books to study with is like choosing colors at a hardware store or picking out hay in a haystack. There are just too many of them to choose from and they all look kind of the same, from the practice tests to the strategies to the great online content they supposedly offer. What’s worse is that they’re not cheap either so the last thing that you want to do is buy a couple of LSAT prep books and find out that they’re pretty much mirror images of each other. That’s also why I’m putting this article together; to help you find the best LSAT prep books out there and to give you there strengths and their weaknesses so that you can choose wisely and spend your money well. I’ve taken the LSAT myself and I can personally attest that the best LSAT prep books can boost your scores and make a whole lot of difference. That is, if you can sift through the clones and find the best LSAT prep books available today.


1 – The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible



Choose the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible if you are looking for a way to boost your score for the logic section or if you know that that’s the area where you’ll need the most help. The main advantage that PowerScore offers over other LSAT prep books that also focus on logic games is that it is an easy read. It is written in a friendly and easy to understand way while also going in-depth in explaining the answers.


A lot of readers also noted that the strategies section was also more in-depth and took the time to break down the structure of the questions. While a lot of other LSAT prep books out there may offer the same strategies, they also often don’t go beyond the one sentence explanation. PowerScore offers more understanding of how the strategies work instead of just giving you a formula to follow.



PowerScore offers a solid foundation of the logic games part of the LSAT which is often the most intimidating but the practice problems and drills found in the book are not as hard as the actual test. Use this logic games bible wisely and soak up all the information but be sure to also test yourself with real logic LSAT questions from prep tests.


Also, this is not a comprehensive LSAT prep book. Because it only covers the logic games section of the test, I would suggest that you use this as a resource for the last leg of studying when you have already formed a strong foundation for the basics.


2 – The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible



Also a PowerScore LSAT prep book that focuses on particular areas of the test, the Logical Reasoning Bible is a good purchase for the way it covers just about every aspect of the logical reasoning section, including the different kinds of questions, test-taking techniques, and practice test drills. But what it offers that other LSAT prep books can’t is the friendly way that its content is presented and how easy it is to read this book.


PowerScore’s prep book for logical reasoning goes through question types and the best strategies and techniques to get them right in detail while also managing to be engaging. A lot of readers describe this book as very easy to read and also easy to understand – good reviews for a book dedicated to unloading a ton of information on you.



There’s in-depth and there’s a little too in-depth. A lot of readers feel like PowerScore’s book on logical reasoning takes its time for explaining the questions and the answers. With the strategies and techniques thrown in too (complete with diagrams for some), it can all just be a little too much, especially for a test with a time limit.


Buy this book if you want a thorough understanding of what’s going on aka the structure and composition of the logical reasoning section of the LSAT but supplement it with prep books that have better drills and maybe a more efficient approach too. Again, this is an LSAT prep book that is focused on only a particular area. Don’t buy this book of you are looking for a comprehensive study guide.


3 – The PowerScore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible



Like the other PowerScore prep books for the LSAT, the Reading Comprehension Bible has the advantage of also being easy to read, always a huge advantage for any LSAT prep book. Like most reading comprehension prep books, it also takes the approach of deconstructing passages, finding the best ways to identify what the questions are really asking, and how to avoid the traps that are in there. What it does differently is that it is able to present all of these information in a friendly and easy to comprehend manner.



Of the three PowerScore LSAT prep books I’ve mentioned so far, the reading comprehension book is probably the one that you least need. A lot of the strategies and techniques are often already covered in the first two books so what you’re really paying for here are the drills.


However, if you strongly feel that reading comprehension is your weak spot, then this book could well be worth the investment. Just keep in mind that this is also not a book for comprehensive studying of the LSAT and should be saved for reinforcing the basics. This isn’t the book to buy if you’re only getting started in your studying.


4 – The LSAT Trainer: A remarkable self-study guide for the self-driven student



The LSAT Trainer is the book to buy if you are looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one study guide for the LSAT but in my opinion, you need to buy it during the first part of studying for the LSAT. This prep book is great for setting up the foundation and for understanding the fundamentals of the different parts of the test.


Like most of the books that I list as the best LSAT prep books today, it isn’t written in a dry or tedious way like most prep books are which means you’ll actually read it. But aside from being written in an engaging manner, the LSAT Trainer covers ground in a fast and efficient way that works well as a refresher course and for laying down the groundwork. It does a good job of breaking down the LSAT to what’s important and getting rid of the fluff.



This book is all about the basics mostly because it is a comprehensive prep book. It covers all the parts of the LSAT and offers strategies and techniques too. What it doesn’t do is go in-depth on each of the subject matter for the different sections.


I would strongly suggest that you supplement the LSAT Trainer with prep books that study the test sections individually to cover your weak areas and with official prep tests that are closer to the real thing. Use this book to get you started in studying and in understanding the structure of the LSAT.


5 – 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V


In any standardized test, it’s always a good idea to use official prep tests for testing to see how well you can do against the real thing. For the LSAT, that’s the Official LSAT PrepTests. As the name suggests, it has ten actual, previously used LSAT tests plus the answer keys and a guide to how the LSAT is scored. These tests include a sample of the comparative reading section along with the explanations.


For even the best LSAT prep books, the hardest part to get right is the authenticity of the sample tests. They’re either too hard or too easy or they don’t really offer the same nuances for the questions as the real test does. That’s why it’s always important to supplement your study resources with an official guide with old tests to practice on.



The Official LSAT PrepTests is all about realistic test samples but not so much about strategies or techniques or even studying. It offers drills so that you can test how well you do against a realistic LSAT setup, with time limit and all.


Use this prep book for testing yourself, not for the actual studying or for learning more about sections of the LSAT you need more help with.


6 – The Official LSAT SuperPrep



Do you need more help with reading comprehension? If you do then you need to seriously consider buying the Official LSAT SuperPrep. While this is technically a comprehensive study guide to the LSAT and covers all the parts of the test, it particularly excels with reading comprehension and in breaking down this section of the test into simpler terms. Its sample comparative reading questions along with the explanations is the main strength of this LSAT prep book.



This is not a book that you buy when you’re just starting to study for the LSAT. This is for when you’re reaching the end of your studying and still need help with reading comprehension or if you feel like you still need more practice.


The Official LSAT SuperPrep can be a little pricey, considering that it only offers three practice tests. It’s really only worth the investment if you seriously want more help with reading comprehension or if you feel like you need more preparation.


7 – Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer 



If you have a hard time with textbooks and find them either tedious or just plain boring, then this may be the LSAT prep book for you. I would describe this book as casually written with a dose of profanity thrown in here or there but it does get the job done. It breaks down the LSAT into its simplest form and gives you ways to cover a lot of ground in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The strength of this LSAT prep book is definitely in how concise it is, giving you what you need fast and easy.



This book (and its very casual writing style) isn’t for everyone. It gives the reader ways to understand the LSAT and to study for it in a “quick and dirty” way but it sacrifices in-depth knowledge in the process. If you want a more thorough and deeper understanding of the test, its different parts, and more test taking strategy, then this book may not be a good fit for you.

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