Community Liaison

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Job description & definition

Social services, health and educational activities are performed by the community liaison and he is not confined to just these activities as he is in other activities too. They allow the residents to know about the conflicts and problems taking place in the community. Their job is to act as a speaker of the community and to compile and to give the information whenever required. They also check the need of the people residing at homes by conducting surveys and further passing on to the government organizations. To know the various requirements of the groups involved in the fields of health, security and training. Operating computers and using fundamental operations related to computers as MS-Package. Community liaison also has to manage different community related programs and stand as the connection between them. They must address the gatherings which have usual effect on them. Elementary community liaison should aid the school staff in learning and studying the student needs by consulting their parents. They must arrange seminars for adult groups about community issues. They need to give back up for meetings which takes place in the community.

Certification and education

  • To become a community liaison one needs to have intense and deep knowledge of social and economics communities, no formal education is needed.
  • One need to have a high school degree apart from graduation degree from any accredited college or university.
  • Most of the community liaisons hold bachelor degree in the fields of political science and sociology.
  • Must have one year experience in public contacts. Preference is given to the candidate having an experience in relationship building.
  • There is community college which provides courses in administrative skills so that they can acquire greater positions in their corresponding areas.

Skill required

  • They must have good managerial skills.
  • They must be efficient and effective while showing their skills before the other groups.
  • They must have good communication skills.

Job prospects

The job prospective for the community liaison is good. They can work in health sector, in education sector and in the social services as well. Future scope of the community liaison depends on the area where they are working. They can be community liaison officers if they are working in a school. Salaries may vary depending on the nature of the work and experience and on the educational qualifications, but the average salary is in the range of $40,100 – $50,000 per year.

Online and In Campus Programs

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