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The Dental Profession can be a rewarding one. There is nothing more rewarding than rendering a valuable service in behalf of others. And to add to people’s comfort and joy by helping to care for their teeth as well as their overall dental hygiene is indeed a joy in itself.

An invaluable way some are doing this is by means of being a Dental Assistant. What is a Dental Assistant? What does their job consist of, and above all, what are the benefits they can reap from this most noble profession?

What are the Duties of a Dental Assistant?

Dental assistants are basically responsible with the clerical and laboratory duties in a dentist’s office. The duties of a dental assistant can vary from state to state. They may, for example, help with adding sealants or fluoride to a patient’s teeth, they may also help with rinsing the patient’s mouth after a dental procedure has been performed, or they may help with removing plaque as well as taking a patient’s x-rays, in addition to doing the paperwork pertaining to the individual patient.

How Does One Become a Dental Assistant?

A person interested in learning more about the above profession must get some qualified training first, and that means they will have to go to schools that features Dental Assistant positions as part of their course. Usually, the best place to do that is by going to a vocation school that specifically highlights the duties of the above medical professionals, and the specific courses they will need to take in order to achieve their goal of being a dental assistant.

They have the option of being either taught offline, or as some do, because of their busy schedules, study online. There are many of such schools available to choose from, once the choice is made, the prospective dental assistant will study the required courses, and if they successfully pass, they will either earn a Dental certification degree or a Dental degree, depending on the level of their proven skills or merits. The time one wishes to achieve such degrees can depend to the extent that the student is willing to study and the length of time, which can be from 1 1/2 years or longer.

What Are The Job Prospects for a Dental Assistant?

The job prospects of a dental assistant are excellent; they are usually in high demand by the dental profession. They are indeed an invaluable aid to dentists as they perform their work. How much can a dental assistant make? They can make anywhere between $35,000 to $45,000 or more, depending on their level of experience or expertise. As one can see, the role of the dental assistant is a crucial one indeed.

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