Doctorate Degrees

Doctorate degrees are the highest level of educational degrees that can be earned. Earning a doctorate degree is an equivalent to being a professor at the college or university where the candidate earned the doctorate degree.

What type of Doctorate Degrees are Available?

There are three types of doctorate degrees that can be earned. The first type of doctorate degree that can be earned is the research or terminal doctorate degree. Research doctorate degrees are typically awarded to those that have made a significant contribution to human knowledge. The research is usually presented in the form of a thesis or dissertation.

The second type of doctorate degree is professional doctorates. Professional doctorate degrees are awarded to certain professions such as law, medicine, music or ministry. Professional doctorate degrees do not typically involve research or academic activities like the research or terminal doctorate degrees do.

The third type of doctorate degrees is honorary degrees. Honorary doctorate degrees are awarded for a substantial contribution of some sort that doesn’t necessarily have to be of an academic nature. Individuals that hold any of one of the three doctorate degrees are given the title of “doctor.”

Candidates seeking doctoral degrees will spend at least 5 to 6 years at a graduate school in order to give the candidate extensive knowledge in his or her field. In doctoral degree programs candidates will also be taught how to conduct original and meaningful research, as well as molding candidates to become a contributing teacher to the university.

Who wants to Earn a Doctorate Degree?

Candidates for doctorate degrees typically enjoy conducting meaningful research. They may also be interested in becoming a member of a teaching faculty to teach other students how to conduct research, how to become an expert in their field of study, etc. Some doctorate degree-seeking students are simply in it for the prestige of holding a Ph.d. For the right type of person, earning a doctorate degree is a great way of showing their accomplishment as an expert in their field.