How To Become a Baker – 4 Steps

How To Become a Baker – 4 Steps
Last updated at August 20, 2021

With fewer people choosing to become bakers, this field has become more lucrative and exciting in recent years. If you want to learn how to become a baker, read on.

What is a Baker?

A baker is a person who specializes in preparing baked foods such as pastries, bread, cookies, brownies, tarts and other baked foods that you can imagine of. And if you are interested in becoming a baker, there are different facts about baking that you need to learn.

A baker will be dealing with preparing food to be consumed by human beings hence he or she must be well versed with different nutritional facts and safe food preparation methods. This definitely requires some form of training.

The first step for you to take is to identify a school in your neighborhood that can offer you the necessary education. In selecting the school you should take into consideration different factors that will lead to your convenience while preparing for your career as a baker. The following are some steps for you on how to become a baker:

1. Apply as an apprentice at a bakery in your neighborhood

It is necessary to consider a bakery in your neighborhood because you will be able to attend the training while incurring minimum costs. You can access the training programs in your local supermarket or stores that prepare baked foods for sale. For you to access the programs you need to apply or approach the bakeries in your area of residence where you will ask for a chance to practice in their stores. If possible you can work as a volunteer at first so that you will be able to be accepted in case the stores will not be able to pay you for the services.

2. Enroll in schools offering baking courses

This is necessary for you to expand your knowledge in the fields of baking. In the schools, you will be able to learn different skills such as how to mix ingredients that will enable you to become the best baker. In the colleges, you will also be able to learn different techniques used to decorate baked foods that you will be able to apply during the time you will be practicing in your career. After enrolling in the school you should make sure that you get a certificate that will act as proof later that you really completed the training.

3. Enroll in a course where you will learn basic nutrition

Knowledge of nutrition is very necessary to bakers. You need to have enough knowledge on food allergies, cholesterol problems in food, and foods for diabetes and weight issues. You can easily access this necessary knowledge after enrolling in a school where you will be able to be taught the basics. This will really help you in dealing with different cases while preparing food as a baker. Remember for you to be the best in your career you have to prepare food that will meet the needs of different people who will be part of your customers.

4. Get certified as a baker in your state

For you to be allowed to work as a baker you need to be certified in your state. This is necessary because you will be handling food that will be used by many people in your state whose health must be protected against any complications that may be brought about due to faults that you may make in preparing the food.

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