Interior Designer

Interior Designer
Last updated at August 9, 2021

Interior designers are responsible for planning, designing, and in some cases actually crafting part of, or all, of a room, set, or an entire building. The difference between interior design and architecture is that the interior designer is not actually building the foundations of the room, but creating a livable or workable space within it, generally through the use of matching colors, spacing, aesthetically appealing furniture, and art as well as proper matching lighting.

Interior Designer Salary

According to a national survey conducted by the United States Government, the average median income for Interior designers is $ 43,399.00 per year. Those interior designers on the lowest end of the spectrum tended to earn around $ 31 to $ 36 k per year whilst those on the uppermost end of the pay scale earned $ 90k to $ 104 k per year.

Examples/Details of Work

Interior design, though a fairly specific term still acts as an umbrella term under which many different disciplines reside. Some of these include expertise in interior decoration, acoustics specialists, and lighting experts. Specialties within the field are generally grouped accordingly, residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, universal design, exhibition design, furniture design as well as area motif design.

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There are generally four different obtainable degrees for those wishing to enter into the interior design career field. They are as follows, Certificate in Interior Design, Associate of Arts in Interior Design, Bachelor of the Arts in Interior Design, and finally, Masters of Interior Architecture.

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Online and In Campus Programs For Interior Design

Brick and Mortar Campuses.
Some of the most well known and respected Interior Design programs include:

The Pratt Institute of the Arts, NY
California College of the Arts, CA
Ohio State University, OH
The Art Institute of Chicago

Online Institutes

Some of the most well known online institutes for interior design learning are as follows:
Academy of Art, San Francisco
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (online division), PA
The New York Institute of Interior Design (online division), NY
Liberty University (online division), Virginia

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