Medical Billing and Coding

Earnings Potential

Individuals working in medical billing typically earn about $12 an hour with benefits.

Medical Billing Facts at a glance

The medical billing field is a competitive field, especially for people who are just starting out in the profession.

Examples and or details of work

Individuals in the medical billing field handle the billing and collections for professional services. As part of the job, you will be using specific medical billing software in order to help the practicing physician that you happen to be doing the billing for at the time. You need to know medical terminology, anatomy, and coding. You also need above-average secretary typing skills.

Required Courses for Degree Completion

Courses needed for a degree in this field include introduction to medical insurance, the medical office team, the medical claim cycle, principles of procedure coding, completing medical insurance claim forms, principles of diagnosis coding, managed care plans and government medical plans and medical terminology.

Specific Career openings in this field

Billing specialist, coding specialist, medical collector, claims analyst, claims processor, claims reviewer, billing coordinator, and reimbursement specialist are some of the careers available to individuals with a degree in medical billing.

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