Big Data Certification: Is It For You?

Since digitalization has come to view, big data has become a buzzword. The increasing use of big data and data analytics describes its power in empowering organizations across the globe. With so many opportunities associated with this field, this can be a great career move, or it might be an opportunity you have been looking for.

With a growing need for data analysts amongst different sectors, data analysts can expect a higher salary with a median salary of $116,000. Even without much experience, you can earn up to $92,000 on average. Experts say that jobs for different profiles are likely to get increased worldwide by 2025. According to recent reports, about 80% of the data scientists believe that there is a lack of skilled Big Data professionals who can efficiently perform predictive analytics.

What do you need to study to leverage your career in Big data?

Statistics reveal that about 8% of all data scientists have a bachelor’s degree, 92% have an advanced degree in the field, 8% have a Ph.D., and 44% have a master’s degree.

Of course, a traditional educational degree is not the only path to success in the big data domain. Professionals experienced in the field of programming are also well equipped to deal with data analysis, as long as they are trained. Moreover, professionals can enroll in an online big data certification course which will help them understand concepts covered in big data and Hadoop.

Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate

The undergraduate-level program “Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate” covers businesses, marketing, and operations management, and data analysis. From statistics and analysis to written and oral communications, this program encompasses all skills. Students under this program can build analytics models to understand relationships among variables, learn how to analyze large datasets, and cover analytics topics such as integrating data into an analytics software package, exploratory graphical and data analysis.

Big Data is a new field, and most scientists have about four years of experience on average. Therefore, now is an excellent time to join the field and make a career.

If you really want to grab a good job, then you have to certify your skills through certifications mentioned below.

Here is the list of top data analytics certifications-

EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)

IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data

IBM Certified Data Engineer – Big Data

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics

Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate

MongoDB Certified DBA Associate

MongoDB Certified Developer Associate

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11 Certified Implementation Specialist

SAS Certified Big Data Professional

SAS Certified Data Scientist Using SAS 9

Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate

Certificate in Engineering Excellence Big Data Analytics and Optimization (CPEE)

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

Certified Analytics Professional

No matter which course you choose, a great career assessment is important to secure a good job.

Top 3 reasons to do Big Data certifications

Ensured success

According to an IDC forecast, the Big Data industry will grow to become a 46 billion dollar industry by 2018, with many industrialists showing interest in Big Data related infrastructure. Furthermore, IDC predicts an annual growth rate of about 23.1% and approximately 48.6 billion dollars by 2019. Moreover, even the public sector has picked up on the big data trend and makes use of data and analytics in implementing information security policies and programs. This further leads to skill-developing investments.

Higher salary prospects

 Big Data and analytics influxes a pool of talent that helps organizations move forward and refine their big data capabilities. However, there is a shortage of such professionals in the market. There would be a need for 181,000 professionals with analytical skills in 2018, according to a report of International Data Corporation. Thanks to this trend, IT professionals with these skills are likely to have the power to demand a high paycheck.

According to a report by Analytics India Magazine, the average salaries of analysts in India stand at Rs. 11.7 lakhs per annum, while salaries of IT professionals stand at Rs. 8.65 lakh per annum. Furthermore, only 39% of all analytics professionals have salaries below 6 Lakhs as compared to the 58% of all professionals working in other fields. If these trends show us anything, it is that if you have the required skills, you can ride the financial graph. So, the more you learn, the higher your economic switch.

Advance your career through Big Data certifications

 Don’t expect immediate success in this field as experience and specialization are highly valued in the world of big data. A good career move will be certifying your skills in Big Data through courses like the data science course.


Big data certification courses are skill-based and can vary from starter to expert; for instance, the machine learning certification helps beginners master the concepts of the AL, ML, and Big Data. The big data industry is growing at a faster rate than ever, which has increased the demand for data analysts who can help businesses improve their strategies and plannings based on existing data.

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