LPN vs RN: Some Advantages of Being a Professional Registered Nurse

Becoming a nurse can be everyone’s dream. Many people want this job because they want to have contribution to their social life. This is a perfect job for all people who are committed to give the best service for other people. You should devote your time for helping other sick and injured people. There are two main types of nurses that you can choose as your career path. They are licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN). In this article, you can learn about some differences between LPN vs RN.

These two career paths may have different requirements and results. Registered nurses usually earn their professional nursing degree from some nursing schools. They tend to spend more time in school than the Licensed practical nurses. Both of them need to pass the NCLEX exam before they can become LPN or RN. Many people believe that RN has more benefits than LPN. Here are some benefits that you can get as a professional RN.

1. Registered nurses receive higher salary than licensed practical nurses

This is the first reason why RN is more popular than LPN. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, average RNs earned about $65,000 annually in 2010. This salary is higher than most LPNs. The average LPNs can earn up to $40,000 annually. Although the professional nursing degree may take longer time than the LPN degree, you should get this benefit from your RN degree. If you are looking for getting high salary as a nurse, you may want to become a registered nurse.

2. The job opportunities for RN are still growing

There are many available jobs for all registered nurses from around the world. Many experts predict that the available jobs of RN is going to grow about 26% through 2020. As the result, you are going to see additional 711,900 RN jobs around the world. The LPN job market is going to grow about 22% through 2020. Because of this reason, there are many nurses who want to earn professional degree for getting better job in the future.

3. RNs have a lot of educational and career growth opportunities

You can find many opportunities when you are a professional RN. Registered nurses do not work under the supervision from other nurses. If you are a registered nurse, you may have a lot of educational opportunities in the future. You are able to earn a master degree to open some different career paths for yourself. All LPNs need to earn RN degree before they can jump to other career paths.

Those are some differences between LPN vs RN. You can see all benefits that you can get by becoming a professional RN. All registered nurses have higher job opportunities, higher salary, stronger job outlook, better options for changing a career, and many other opportunities. Some people also believe that RN usually receives more respect from other physicians. If you are interested to build a career as a nurse, you may want to consider RN as your career path. Make sure that you do some research on some nursing schools that you can choose for getting your RN degree.

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